Hello! I'm bree

Let Me Help Level Up Your Professional & Personal Life

I’ve worked as a business Analyst, Compensation Manager, Office Manager, Project Manager, Executive Assistant, Graphic Designer, Bookkeeper, Etc.  The list of the roles I’ve held and hold are endless. Let me help you grow by imparting on you what I’ve learned.

Topics I Discuss


Money Management

I help you go over cost-effective and economical ways to manage your finances wisely.


Assertiveness Actions

Do people completely run over you because you’re too passive? Do you feel as though you could be more and get more accomplished if you were more assertive? Let me help you create action steps toward being more assertive.


Business Startup

Want to start your own business, but don’t don’t know where to start? I will help you develop a 10-step action plan to help pursue your entrepreneurial dreams.


Dream Big Goals

Our dreams aren’t just meant to be thoughts floating around in our head. Our dreams are meant to be written down and pursued restlessly until reality overshadows them.


Productivity Hacks

Do you believe you should be getting more done in a day with less effort?


Life Changing Choices

Are you about to make a big move, choice or decision, and want an outside perspective?


Confidence Boost

Did your ego run out of gas? Let me help you find your way back to yourself.

About Me

I’m Bree.

I Help People From All Backgrounds Go After All They've Wanted and Then Some!

Never, ever let anyone confine you to a box that you didn't help build. You are your best asset.


What Clients Are Saying

I've improved so much since I've began my consultations.

Daniel Johnson

I finally landed that dream job I've always wanted.

Julia Michele

I make good money, but for some reason, I ways broke at the end of the month living paycheck to paycheck, fortunately I came across consultations with Bree. My life has completely changed.

Robert Green

There's no straight line to success. We sometimes have to take detours and the scenic route. I'm realizing a lot about myself and what i'm truly capable of acheiveing.

Oliver Goodman